When you create a lawless environment, this is exactly the result that you should expect.

The “woke” philosophy of governance in Philadelphia, under Mayor Jim Kenney and District Attorney Larry Krasner, is directly responsible for creating the current dangerous environment in the once “City of Brotherly Love.”

In July 2022, Philadelphia recorded its 300th killing of the year. An 18-year-old, expectant Father, Lameer Boyd was shot dead on a sidewalk,

No one appears to be safe. A grandmother was shot and killed and another popular singer was gunned down in front of his own house, along with another woman who was killed during a front porch barbecue.

An analysis that was reported in the New York Times on August 11, 2022, detailed that for every illegal gun taken off the streets in Philadelphia from 1999 to 2019, three more guns were bought or sold legally.

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The number of firearm licenses in Philadelphia has increased substantially. In 2020, 7400 licenses were issued. In 2021, the number was 52,000.

This increase doesn’t even take into account, the recent boom in legal gun purchases across America because of how dangerous the current environment is in 2022.

Krasner’s own statistics confirm that there have been no arrests in 75 percent of last year’s fatal shooting deaths.

Krasner has touted a progressive, George Soros-like approach that is against the basic police functions of arresting and incarcerating violent offenders.

Somehow, Krasner has determined that it is not effective to actually go after the bad guys and hold them accountable.

Krasner believes that this style of law enforcement diverts both resources and police focus from solving violent crimes.

The Krasner philosophy can only exist in Bizarro World, not in the real world. And, it’s dangerous in real-time.

It has been a national tragedy to watch almost every major city in America deteriorate in this fashion. Once great cities, are becoming unsafe to even step foot in.

These are just a few of the reasons why Philadelphia has had 300 killings, with more than four months left in 2022.

SOURCES: The Boston Globe & The New York Times

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