This weekend should have been a momentous occasion in the life of former Phillies All-Star Dick Allen.  Sunday should have been the day that the Golden Era Committee voted Allen to be a Hall of Famer, an honor many rightfully argue should have been the case sooner.  Allen will never see that day.

The cause of death was not announced.

The Phillies retired Allen's number 15 jersey this past season, an honor that was also long overdue.  Phillies managing partner John Middleton at the time noted that Allen meant so much to the Phillies during his own childhood.  Speaking at the ceremony, Middleton noted that the decision of the Phillies to change their policy for retiring jersey numbers was due to Allen's impact on the Phillies and on the game:

“Dick,” Middleton told Allen, “your brilliance has compelled me to change the policy. Today, the Phillies organization is doing and saying something to correct what historically is not right, not fair, not just.”

Previously, one must have been headed to the the Hall of Fame for a number to be retired.

Mark Carfagno, who led a group fighting for the recognition of Allen's Hall of Fame career, recently purchased billboards to champion the cause.  Just four days ago, Matt Breen of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote about the effort.  The billboard was to coincide with the original voting date of the Golden Era Committee.  Instead, it ended up being upon his death.

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