Samuel Johnson, a Pleasantville, New Jersey 22-year professional firefighter has advised that their building is infested with rodents and insects.

This is in addition to a significant mold issue that persists.

Johnson estimates that about half of the firefighters are getting sick from their work environment.

It’s one of the worst examples regarding poor air quality within a workplace that I have ever encountered.

Johnson explained on-air this morning that a man named Doug Gray did air duct cleaning at the Pleasantville Fire Department. Johnson told us that Gray asked if firefighters were getting sick.

The air ducts were inundated with black mold.

Gray’s email details a condition known as “Sick Building Syndrome.”

Before yesterday, I had never heard of this term.

Here is the definition of this term:


Gray wrote about this condition, describing it as follows:

“These ducts were desperately in need and most likely causing what we call "sick building syndrome". SBS is where the in duct contaminants pollute the indoor air causing upper respiratory and/or sinus infections. Through our source removal process, the contaminants were removed and our antimicrobial treatment applied heavily to eliminate odors, bacteria, mold spores and dust mites,” wrote Gray.

We want to give you the full context, so below, please find the complete Doug Gray email from May 6, 2022.

Samuel Johnson photo.
Samuel Johnson photo.

We also want to share with you an official memorandum restricting access to the basement area, which continues to be infested with black mold.

Incredibly, Johnson revealed this morning to us that medical supplies are being stored in the black mold infested basement.

There is a sign-in sheet in order to gain access to the basement.

Here is the memorandum:

Samuel Johnson photo.
Samuel Johnson photo.

It is unhealthy, unsafe and unacceptable to allow the conditions of a black mold infested basement to continue. And, they’re actually storing medical supplies in this infested basement.


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