A current colleague of mine, who I have profound respect for recently wrote on his own social media page that he will not support or vote for political  candidates who place their campaign signs on public property or vacant homes, etc.

My friend also has a long memory for those candidates who never take down their obnoxious signs after the campaign is over. He won’t vote for them (either) ever, again.

My point is, I don’t think he’s alone in his operating philosophy. I think my colleague friend is quite right!

This post was written by a man who possesses unquestioned, true character and integrity and he’s absolutely right.

I have always believed that candidate political campaign signs should only be placed on homes and properties that are occupied … and only posted with the owner’s permission.

By following this practice, it shows real support for a candidate.

See below, this photograph was taken by me in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, today. It is the intersection of Route 559 and School House Road.

This is the site of the long closed Scullville Public School. This is a grade school that people like the late, great Fred Nickles attended as a child.

I double-checked with a prominent elected official in Atlantic County, New Jersey. This property is no longer publicly owned by Egg Harbor Township or The Egg Harbor Township Board of Education.

But, it sure does look like it’s a public property and it’s been a vacate property for countless years.

No doubt, it’s a highly traveled roadway … and the signs will be seen by many people.

However, this practice can also backfire on the candidates by turning people off, who don’t care for their sense of entitlement by littering high visibility (yet, vacant) properties with their campaign signs.

Look at these obnoxious large political candidate campaign signs that I came across earlier today.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

The signs are those of Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler and Hector Taverez, who is also current Executive Director of the Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic League.

They have literally attached their signs directly to the fencing of this corner property.

The smaller sign on the grass in front of the school is that if a local Egg Harbor Township Board of Education candidate.

The candidate’s have a positive goal of trying to get their names out to as many potential voters as possible.

What if this practice turns off more voters than it turns on?






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