Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small has failed the citizens of Stanley Holmes Village miserably for years.

Last winter, these residents lived without heat and hot water, in rodent and insect infested apartments.

Today, during the first sub freezing temperatures of the year, pipes have broken and water has been running for the past two days.

We have been told that Jewish Family Services has stepped-up and and they are intervening to help relocate the affected Stanley Holmes Village residents.

We visited on-air this morning, Friday, November 3, 2023 with Atlantic City Council Members George Tibbitt and LaToya Dunston.

They want to hold immediate public hearings to provide much needed help to their fellow residents, who have been suffering for years.

Tibbitt and Dunston stated that Atlantic City Council President Aaron “Sporty” Randolph is trying to block the public hearings from taking place.

Randolph is closely politically aligned with Small and is doing his political bidding.

Dunston confirmed that 6 City Council Members are in favor of holding the public hearings.

It is my belief that should Randolph not get out of the way, City Council should vote to remove him as Council President as soon as possible.

Dunston was on the scene earlier this morning to assess the situation. She described it as disgraceful that this situation has been allowed to deteriorate to this point.

These are a few of the images that Dunston captured from the tragic scene this morning … with broken pipes, flooding and trash everywhere.


The state of New Jersey and United States federal governments must immediately intervene.

Much colder weather is right around the corner. This situation must be addressed without delay.

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