You just never know.

Who would have ever predicted that United States President Donald Trump would have his undeniably, best week in office... all while his United States Senate Impeachment trial and the competitive Democrat nomination process was all going on at the same time?

President Trump achieved his highest approval rating in the Gallup Poll, 49 percent, which is 3 percentage points higher than Barack Obama was at (at) the identical 3-year point of their presidencies.

This is remarkable because President Trump has consistently received 91 percent hyper-negative national media coverage.

By comparison, Obama received more than 90 percent positive, usually glowing media coverage.

The Democrats had an absolute debacle in Iowa.

The President delivered a made-for-television gem of a State of The Union Address.

And, oh by the way, President Trump was acquitted “forever” by the United States Senate.

Electoral politics is all about delivering results and gaining momentum and an edge versus your opponents.

Trump ate the Democrats' lunch. Through Democrat unforced errors, which Trump exploited and Trump’s mastery of the message, it was a break-out week, a full nine months before the Tuesday, November 3, 2020, general election.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s circus stunt of literally tearing the President’s SOTU Address speech in half has resulted in very bad publicity for her and the Democrats.

The optic of ripping up the following made for a horrible impression:

The Tuskegee poignant moment.

The reuniting of a young military family.

A young female student received a surprise school scholarship.

The Presidential Medal of Freedom Presented to cancer-stricken Rush Limbaugh.

Record low unemployment for all demographics.

Achievements of eliminating the world of high-profile terrorist enemy combatants.

And, so many more profound moments.

The Democrats are so afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome that they simply could not bring themselves to stand or even applaud these undeniably positive achievements.

It reflects so poorly on them and the American people are watching them behave in such an irrational and disturbing manner.

President Trump also had a very positive “acquittal” celebration at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. “But now we have that gorgeous word,” said President Trump. “I never thought that word would ever sound so good. It’s called total Acquittal,” said a triumphant President Trump.

All these Trump successes were happening simultaneously to the Democrats not even being able to properly and accurately count the votes in Iowa.

It really fuels a theme that Democrats are not qualified to lead important national matters.

Do you remember Healthcare.Gov? It was an abject failure and Obamacare remains a disaster to this day.

Two Democrat figures from the upcoming Democratic National Convention were also fired for creating a “toxic work environment.”

The national media has buried and ignored this otherwise big story.

All of this bad news and more took place while President Trump enjoyed his best week ever as President.

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