President Donald Trump delivered an uplifting State of The Union Address, with a well earned theme, “The Great American Comeback.”

President Trump’s speech was complete with a recap of the many great economic, foreign policy, military and the many other successes achieved over the past three years.

All of this great news was simply too much for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take.

Like a petulant child, Pelosi constantly made childish faces behind The President’s back. More than once, she mouthed “That’s not true.”

Pelosi saved her worst act for the very end. Just as President Trump finished his address to the Congress and the American people, Pelosi demonstrably tore the President’s speech in half.

This is an unhinged act, by the elected official who was sitting on the dais and is 3rd in succession to The President.

Perhaps you remember back in 2009, when United States Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out, “You lie” during Barack Obama’s State of The Union Address.

The Democrats and their comrades in the Democrat media went absolutely berserk.

The media raced to Obama’s defense. They were outraged by what Wilson has done.

Wilson was formally reprimanded by The House of Representatives. Wilson’s actions received weeks of market saturation hyper-negative coverage.

Wilson’s two-word comment was reported as a severe breach of protocol. The media rode the story like Secretariat winning The Belmont Stakes, in route to The Triple Crown.

Will Pelosi be censured? She sure should be. But, she won’t. And the Trump deranged media won’t demand it. They won’t fixate on it for weeks.

Remember, Pelosi literally ripped apart a speech that chronicled our current great American success story.

It had poignant mentions of a Warfighter returning home to his young family, a cancer-struck Rush Limbaugh being awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom ... the highest award that a civilian can receive ... Awarding a scholarship to a schoolgirl and so many other amazing things.

Today, President Trump will be acquitted by The United States Senate regarding his Impeachment trial.

He has earned his highest Gallup job approval rating at 49 percent overall job approval rating.

The President has a higher job approval than Obama at this same point of their Presidencies ... despite the fact that Obama received 90 percent favorable media coverage, while President Trump receives about 91 percent hyper-negative coverage.

Additionally, President Trump’s approval ratings amongst Republicans is 94 percent, the highest ever recorded by a President of either political party.

Pelosi simply couldn’t take President Trump’s record of achievement and lost it, all while wearing her demonstration (uniform) white pantsuit.

Pelosi also broke protocol by not announcing that it is her “High honor and distinct privilege to introduce, The President of The United States.”

Again, she is so small that she was incapable of rising to the occasion.

Despite how dishonest the National media is ... Pelosi’s behavior reflects poorly on her and she left a stain in The House she is sworn to serve.

NOTE: I will be off for the remainder of this week, however, because there are so many important things going on in our Country right now ... that I’ll check-in with you once or twice a day here at

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