TEANECK — Two women cuffed and escorted from a township council meeting Tuesday night over constant interruptions were later found to have stun guns.

A video of the meeting shows Mayor Mike Pagan repeatedly asking Layla Graham, 32, to stop playing an alarm so the council could conduct the "township's business." When she refused, Pagan called a motion for a five-minute recess and asked officers to remove Graham from the meeting.

Graham argued with the officers and eventually left the meeting along with Amanda Kearney, 23. She came to the meeting with Graham and interfered with her arrest, according to police. Both were told not to return to the meeting.

Graham at first partially blocked the door and refused to move. Graham and Kearney then defied police and ran back inside but were handcuffed and arrested.

Stun gun found during search

During a search after her arrest, police said they found Graham had a stun gun, which is illegal for non-police officers to have inside a school or public building.

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Kearny was charged with defiant trespass and obstruction. Graham was charged with disrupting a public meeting, defiant trespass, possession of a stun gun and resisting arrest. They were released pending a court appearance.

NorthJersey.com reported that Graham brought a pro-Palestinian sign to the meeting.

Teaneck has one of the largest Jewish populations in New Jersey.

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