Doesn't it feel like Memorial Day Weekend was just the other day? And the 4th of July just passed?

Yet, here we are now counting down the days until kids go back to school.

Even worse: Christmas decorations are already up in stores!

However, while the time is minuscule, you can still squeeze in one or two more little day trips to maximize your summer fun.

And even though gas is hovering around $3.75/gallon, these mini-getaways are close by, so you won't be spending an arm and a leg.

Sunset on the beach in Cape May County - Photo: Chris Coleman
Sunset on the beach in Cape May County - Photo: Chris Coleman

Whether it's fun for the family in the Poconos, seeing how potato chips are made, or spending the day surrounded by Legos, it's easy to still feel like you're on vacation around here without having to change time zones or take out a second mortgage.

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