Recently retired Galloway Township Police Captain Gary Jones died early Monday, July 3rd, according to the Galloway Township Police Department.

He had been diagnosed with cancer and kidney failure in May.

Jones, 47, had just finished an exemplary career as a Galloway Township police officer, retiring as a Captain in September after 26 years on the force.

Gary was looking forward to the next phase of his life in a new position working with the Transportation Security Administration and spending more time with his wife and two boys.

But, according to his GoFundMe page, Gary knew something wasn't right. He was experiencing back pain and ended up in the hospital for extensive testing.

The testing showed that Gary had cancer in his kidneys, spleen, and liver. Because the cancer in his kidneys was causing kidney failure, he was receiving dialysis three days per week, and he wasn't able to start chemo.

Faced with the enormous expenses incurred in this situation, friends of the family started a GoFundMe in mid-June to help the family with bills for hotel stays, gas, unpaid medical expenses, parking fees, and meals.

The fundraiser raised almost $17,000 to help support his family.

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