TRENTON — State Police issued a warning about a phone scam in which the caller pretends to be with the police and demands payment for an arrest warrant.

Lt. Ted Schafer, a spokesman for State Police, said they were notified about calls received by some North Jersey residents from someone claiming to be with State Police.

The call appears to be made from a legitimate State Police phone number, which is the practice of "spoofing" a number.

Spoofers will hijack a number, which will come back on Caller ID or in an online search as a legitimate number associated with State Police.

"The calls are very common and can originate from anywhere in the world," Schafer said.

The caller said the person could pay their penalty over the phone by providing their credit card information, Schafer said.

"New Jersey State Police absolutely will not call soliciting for payment of any type," Schafer said.

Schafer said if you do get a call you suspect to be a scam, do not engage in conversation and just hang up.