At one point, Andrew Cuomo had his sights set on the White House but now he could be looking at time in the “big house.”

The three-term governor of New York did as many expected Tuesday when in the face of numerous sexual harassment accusations he resigned effective in two weeks.  The 63-year old was on his way to being elected to a fourth term in Albany when the allegations began to pile up and his political career was doomed once the state’s attorney general issued a damning report last week.

Cuomo insisted it was all politically motivated and his gestures of warmth and comfort were misunderstood although when one of the 11 women who came forward said he reached under her blouse and cupped her breast he was pretty much finished.  To be honest even in his brief resignation speech Tuesday he admitted no guilt and said he was walking away in the best interests of the state.  The bottom line was everyone had left his side and he was a man alone with no support outside of the lawyers on his personal payroll.

Cuomo always struck me as someone who acted more like a dictator than a leader and in recent months it has been disclosed he had created a very toxic atmosphere in the state capital where fear ruled the show.  He certainly had his admirers especially during the pandemic where his daily press briefings actually earned an Emmy Award for some reason and made him one of the brightest flames in the Democratic Party…that flame has now been extinguished.

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His resignation speech did not come with any admission of guilt over the charges of sexual harassment.  Cuomo said his hugs and kisses did not cross the line in his mind but admitted the line has been redrawn and he did not know any better.  Further proof of his arrogance is the fact he will stay in office for two more weeks…it was only Monday we marked the 47th anniversary of Richard Nixon resigning the presidency which he did in the morning with a two-sentence letter and was gone from the White House in a matter of hours.

Of course Cuomo may need the two weeks to find a place to live as he’s resided in the Governor’s mansion for nearly 11 years and reportedly does not own any real estate.  He can look below at some options if he wants to move to New Jersey.

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