I have just spoken with Atlantic City Mayor Small.

He confirmed exclusively to me that he has prepared the required paperwork to remove Steve Young from a second City board ... The Citizen’s Advisory Board.

Additionally, Small confirmed that the required process to remove Young from the Atlantic city planning board, requires City Council to hold a special meeting on this topic.


This breaking news comes straight from our “Truth is stranger than Fiction” Department.

The members of the Atlantic City Planning Board have voted to reappoint Community Activist Steve Young as Chairman.

Young led several heightened protests during key Holiday weekends in Atlantic City in 2020.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small has been attempting to remove Young from the Planning Board.

Not only has that not happened. Instead, Young obviously has the confidence of a majority of his fellow Board Members, because they have selected him to hold the top leadership position on the planning board.

Steve Young has provided me with the following statement regarding his selection to continue as Chairman.

We are including here in its entirety, exactly as written by Young.

On January 5, 2021 at the Atlantic City Meeting Steven L. Young was again voted as Chairman of Atlantic City Planning Board.

On several occasions during covid 19, Mayors Election, and Systemic Racism protests of Black Lives Matter in Atlantic City the Mayor Smalls and some Atlantic City Councilpersons had attempted to have me removed from a volunteer unpaid position on the Atlantic City Planning Board and Civilian Advisory Boards.

This form of voter suppression and retaliation for exposing the many years of issues that effect the Black Community and wanting to assist with providing solutions in Atlantic City and the Black Community.

Peaceful Protest in Atlantic City concerning Systemic Racism, Police Involved Shootings, killing of George Floyd, shutting down Atlantic City because of Covid 19, etc. And to express support of a Black Agenda which included: Education-Health-Criminal Justice-Wealth-Youth-Housing-Poverty.

Genuinely want to thank the members of the Atlantic City Planning Board-Keturah Jackson-Mea Solomon-Patricia Tatum-Barbara Lyles Belton for their support in nominating me again as Chairman of the Board.

I am so proud to know that Atlantic City Planning Board may be the only Board in the City, County, State, and Country to have most of the Black Women on its Board. This is an historical Board because as we know most of the Boards are mostly made up of White men and this has been a trend leaving women out of decision making and planning.

Humbly would like to see Mayor Smalls attend the Atlantic City Planning Board as he has missed several unexcused meetings only to have us sometimes delay and postpone our regular scheduled meetings without a quorum.

Also, it is the Mayor’s responsibility and duties to fill in vacancies to the board that have been kept vacant during his time as Mayor. We respectfully request he fill the vacancies on the Planning Board so that we can continue to conduct the cities duties as public servants.

Again, I am honored to provide my experience and talent as a unpaid volunteer on the Atlantic City Planning Board and public servant for the community.

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