Following the results of a national search, The Stockton University, New Jersey Board of Trustees has selected Dr. Joe Bertolino to become the next president, effective July 1, 2023.

Bertolino will become the 6th President in Stockton University history and will succeed Dr. Harvey Kesselman, upon his retirement.

The Kesselman era has been one of unprecedented growth for Stockton University.

Kesselman is a graduate of Stockton’s first graduating class of 1971.

Dr. Harvey Kesselman photo.
Dr. Harvey Kesselman photo.

Kesselman has held nearly every high-ranking position at Stockton University during his career as student and educational leader for more than 52 years.

As Bertolino is about to enter, he said:

"I am keenly aware of the challenges facing higher education - especially public regional institutions. I can say with confidence that Stockton is facing those challenges head on and will continue to thrive," said Bertolino.

Bertolino is presently the President of Southern Connecticut State University and he possesses more than 30 years of experience in higher education.

"Dr. Bertolino is drawn to Stockton University's commitment to creating a caring community dedicated to exceptional teaching, learning and academic excellence," said Raymond Ciccone, chair of the Stockton University Board of Trustees.

The Stockton Board voted unanimously to hire Bertolino.

Stockton University photo.
Stockton University photo.

It was a seven-month search for a new President. To ensure a smooth transition, Kesselman provided more than one year’s advanced notice that he would retire following the 2022-23 academic year.

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Bertolino was born and raised in Glendora, New Jersey, Bertolino has said that he felt he was returning "home" in joining Stockton, where his mother, Eileen, graduated in 1977. "Being here now to serve her alma mater as its president is both meaningful and an act of love,” said Bertolino.

Kesselman added:

"My job has always been to make the Stockton degree more valuable every day. I pass the baton to someone who will take it to greater heights," Kesselman said, handing a metal baton to Bertolino.

Following Bertolino’s ascent to the Stockton University presidency, Kesselman will become president emeritus and hold a teaching position at Stockton University.

SOURCE: Stockton University.

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