Take a few minutes to read this. Because this study appears to go against everything that you’ve ever heard about getting a good night of sleep.

Past advice on this topic always recommended a dark, quiet setting in order to get the best sleep. You were told to turn your cell phone, computers, and televisions off.

Previous information always said that exposure to screens in bed could disrupt sleep patterns.

For example, here’s a study that even a small amount of light can be detrimental to your sleep rhythms.

The new study that we’re reviewing today says that watching a television show for one hour or less before you go to bed can provide for longer sleep.

It’s important to note that the study results conclude that you'll sleep better if you're not multitasking.

“If you are going to use media, like watching TV or listening to music, before bed, keep it a short, focused session and you are unlikely to experience any negative outcomes in your sleep that night,” said Dr. Morgan Ellithorpe from The University of Delaware said in this media release.

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For this project, 58 adults kept a diary and recorded their time spent before bedtime watching television, or, any time on digital devices and listening to music.

They concluded that spending a brief amount of time on the various forms of digital or audio platforms actually got the respondents to go to bed earlier.

This allegedly gives the individual more and a higher quality of sleep.

The study is published in the Journal of Sleep Research.

SOURCES: StudyFinds.org, University of Delaware & Journal of Sleep Research.

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