I saw a preview of the final full moon of summer 2022 early Friday on my way to work and it was stunning.

September's full moon -- the "Harvest Moon" -- will officially rise over New Jersey early Saturday morning and Meteorologist Dan Zarrow is forecasting good watching conditions with mostly clear skies.

When is the Moon Technically Full?

The full Harvest Moon will reach 100% illumination at about 6 am Saturday, but it will appear bright and full both Friday and Saturday night, according to LiveScience.

Why is It Called the Harvest Moon?

We have the farmers to thank for the name Harvest Moon. "In the days before tractors with headlights, having moonlight to work was crucial to getting the harvest in quickly before rain caused it to rot", according to Alan MacRobert with Sky & Telescope magazine.

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Many crops ripen in the late summer and busy farmers needed all the help they could get from mother nature at this time of the year. Thus, the idea of the Harvest Moon was born.

September's Full Moon Has Other Nicknames

The September moon isn't only known as the Harvest Moon. Other nicknames tied to farming and the arrival of fall include the yellow leaf moon, the corn moon, the rutting moon, and the autumn moon.

What Else Can You See in the Sky This Weekend?

AccuWeather tells us that you will also be able to see peeks of Jupiter and Saturn this weekend.

"Jupiter and Saturn will be rising with the full moon of Friday evening with the trio appearing in a row splayed across the southeastern sky by 10 pm. Jupiter is the brighter of the two planets and will appear to the left of the moon, while Saturn is slightly dimmer and will shine to the right of the moon".

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