People love The Irish Pub in Atlantic City, so when they tease that they have a big announcement to make, folks pay attention.

That's what happened on Thursday, as the famed St. James Place establishment and one-time speakeasy took to social media to promote that "The Irish Pub has a huge announcement coming later today! Stay tuned!"

We can now tell you that announcement is good news. Beginning Friday, Nov. 11, The Irish Pub is returning to being open 24 hours a day.

Atlantic City is a 24-hour town. For years, The Irish Pub has been there whenever you wanted, morning, noon, or anytime during the night.

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People looking for a very night-night party expected to have a place where they could really experience a taste of Atlantic City available to them at any time.

Workers in the gaming industry appreciated having a decent spot open for an after-shift drink whenever they finish their work day.

Then the pandemic hit and the game changed a little bit.

The Irish Pub cut back on its hours and began closing at 4 AM. Are you kidding me? That's practically right in the middle of party time.

Well, effective immediately, things are returning to normal at The Irish Pub.

In the bigger picture, this is important because it signifies that things really are returning to normal in Atlantic City... our version of normal.

Let's face it, people come to Atlantic City to have a good time. If they want to have a good time at 4:30 am, then we need to accommodate them. Nothing kills the party faster than a town that closes down right in the middle of the fun.

Welcome back to normal, Irish Pub fans! Knowing that I belly up to the bar and get a good pint of Harp at five in the morning if I want, will help me sleep better at night.

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