Breakfast in Jersey is kind of a big deal, whether you're looking to check out one of our amazing and classic diners or are looking for a quick in and out.

Breakfast is an absolute staple.

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We've also got a lot of fairly unique options when it comes to your breakfast.

Jersey is well known for our pork roll egg and cheese sandwiches, bagels, and amazing homemade donut shops.

However, Jersey is also one of the few places I've known where you can get  full-on BBQ for breakfast.

Photo by Luis Santoyo on Unsplash
Photo by Luis Santoyo on Unsplash

And I don't mean just a little bit of smokey flavor in pork roll but slow-smoked brisket on top of cornbread pancakes with a side of eggs and biscuits.

As a self-proclaimed barbecue aficionado, I've never been more excited about breakfast in my entire life, and you can find this smoky way to start your way right here at the Jersey Shore.

What New Jersey Restaurant Is Making Waves Serving BBQ For Breakfast?

This place has actually been pretty well established as a Jersey Shore barbecue pit for the past decade or so.

Becoming well known for its smoked pork, brisket, and anything that has to do with barbecue.

Just about two years ago the restaurant moved to Point Pleasant to be in a bigger location.

APP reports that the legendary Jersey Shore BBQ is now open for breakfast.

Owner Doug Walsh uses his cornbread recipe to make pancakes, and he serves his smoked brisket with a side of breakfast potatoes and tops it with eggs.

Point Pleasant by the way is well known for its amazing selection of BBQs.

There's Shore Points BBQ which is great, and I've heard Matells Tiki Bar serves up a wicked pulled pork sandwich.

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