You think this recent stretch of bad weather has been hard on you? Try being a weatherman, especially in Michigan, where it must seem like winter will never end.  So you have to sympathize with TV weather guy Garry Frank, a morning meteorologist in Grand Rapids.

Earlier this week, Garry just couldn't take it anymore when his on-air colleagues started groaning when they saw his weather report.

When Frank's colleagues asked him how the upcoming weather was looking. "It'll be fine," he said, haltingly. "It could be worse." After a few more groans from the staff, he went off on them. "You guys are dragging me down," he said. "Every time I get down with the seven-day, you guys are like, 'Uggggh. Godddddd. Urrrgggh. Every time."

Now, this video of Garry's TV tantrum has gone viral.  Take a look...

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