This is very personal.

I’ve known John Michael Bancheri for more than 55 years.

We went all through grade school together in Ventnor City, New Jersey and Atlantic City High School.

John is a very good man, who has been such a positive influence in the lives of so many student athletes over the decades.

John is a championship level head women’s rowing head coach … including putting the Stockton University rowing program on the map and achieving national caliber standing.

John has been there for countless others and now he needs help. He’s not asking for it, But, the significant need is there.

John is currently battling testicular cancer and he is in critical need of a heart transplant.

I talked with John on Sunday morning, March 10, 2024.

As usual, no matter what John is personally dealing with … he is always positive and uplifting.

No doubt, John is very humbled by the many people who have stepped-up during his time of need.

A GoFundme page in the name of John Michael Bancheri has been established.

A Facebook Post about John reads:

Coach John Bancheri is hospitalized at UPenn, where he is undergoing radical treatment for testicular cancer and prepping for an urgent heart transplant. He'll be hospitalized for at least 4 weeks. He needs help for his amazing wife, Christine, to cover daily transportation from Atlantic City and the unpaid leave she has to take from her job to be in Philli at John's side. John has been such a wonderful factor in the lives of thousands of young rowers. This is the moment when we, his colleagues, students, alumni and friends can step up and repay the purity of love and spirit, he has given to us all. No amount is too small. Let's double the goal and take the financial pressure off Coach and his family.

When I last looked at John’s GoFundMe page, 199 contributors have donated a total of $ 25,239. This is a great start … but, so much more is needed.

The GoFundMe page has a nice introduction of who John Michael Bancheri really is:

Coach John Bancheri is a graduate of Atlantic City high school where he was a member of the rowing team. After graduation, he attended the University of Charleston where he continued his rowing career. Upon graduation he returned to his beloved beaches of South Jersey where he was an assistant coach for his high school Alma mater. Не went on to have a successful career as a head coach at Wichita State college, Marietta college in Ohio and Grand Valley in Michigan where he met his bride Christine. He was highly successful in all programs involved and touched the lives of many students and developed treasured friendships over the years. He received the highly prestigious honor of coach of the year two times at the Dad Vail Regatta. A few years ago he once again returned to his South Jersey roots when he was  selected to be the head coach at Stockton University. In his first year he coached his women's team to a prestigious silver medal. Unfortunately, John has had to step down from his passion as the physical demands have become too much. He is currently at the University of Pennsylvania where he is battling serious/ life threatening health issues. John has always been about coaching and giving to others. But coaching is not financially rewarding. If John has touched your life, whether it be as your coach, friend, mentor or colleague, please consider giving back to this gentleman who has given so much to South Jersey and the rowing community nationwide. Any donation would be greatly appreciated and any words of encouragement and positive vibes would go a long way. Thank you in advance - Friends of John Bancheri

I have learned that when Stockton University lost the use of the Atlantic City boathouse … the resulting stress weighed very heavy on John as Stockton University’s head women’s rowing coach.

John has never complained about this and instead worked toward finding a solution to their supreme problem … which they did with the help of the City of Brigantine, who saved the day and gave the Stockton rowing program a home … after they were kicked-out of Atlantic City by the Marty Small administration.

Please help John, if you can.

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