Atlantic City, New Jersey Mayor Marty Small is facing horrific and deeply disturbing criminal charges.

If Small is found guilty, these are career-ending crimes.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Marty Small with:

  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3rd degree aggravated assault
  • 3rd degree terroristic threats
  • disorderly persons simple assault.

In the 18 pages of criminal charging documents, the narrative submitted by the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is deeply troubling in nature.

It is alleged that during the months of December 2023 and January 2024, the defendants physically and emotionally abused their 15/16-year-old-daughter on multiple occasions. During one incident, Marty Small, Sr. is alleged to have hit his daughter multiple times in the head with a broom causing her to lose consciousness. Another incident alleged that Marty Small, Sr., during an argument with his daughter, continuously threatened to hurt her by "earth slamming" her down the stairs, grabbing her head and throwing her to the ground, and smacking the weave out of her head. Another incident involved Marty Small, Sr. punching his daughter repeatedly in her legs causing bruising, writes the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Small’s wife, La’Quetta Small is also facing serious criminal charges as follows:

  • 2nd degree endangering the welfare of a child.
  • 3 separate counts of disorderly persons simple assault.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office demonstrated significant compassion and restraint in opting not to “Perp Walk” The Small’s and instead placed their criminal charges on summonses … instead of taking a much more visible, exploitative public route.

Remarkably, La’Quetta Small has still not be suspended as Superintendent of the Atlantic City Public Schools system.

Shamefully, it appears as though the Atlantic City High School Principal, Constance Days-Chapman failed to report alleged emotional and physical child abuse to the proper authorities.

The  Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office has charged Days-Chapman with:

  • second-degree Official Misconduct.
  • third-degree Hindering Apprehension of
  • fourth-degree Obstruction of Justice.
  • disorderly persons Failure to Report Child Abuse.

This is what the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office alleges that La’Quetta Small did:

It is alleged that La'Quetta Small, during one incident, punched her daughter multiple times on her chest leaving bruising. Another incident alleged that La Quetta Small dragged her daughter by her hair then struck her with a belt on her shoulders leaving marks. Another incident alleged that La'Quetta Small punched her daughter in the mouth during an argument, said the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office.

The Atlantic City Board of Education next meets on Tuesday, April 23, 2024.

The Atlantic City Board of Education decision-makers are riddled with conflicts of interests … as many of their direct and relatives jobs are directly dependent upon Marty and La’Quetta Small.

The current situation is a dysfunctional, hot mess. The state of New Jersey must step-up and take firm control of this matter … before it further spirals out of control.

Marty Small is pretending like nothing’s happened.

No one is buying his act.

SOURCE: Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

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