As I scrolled through my Snapchat's "discover" page, I came across some interesting information... according to the Daily Mail, a U.S Veteran, who was injured in an Afghanistan bomb blast, has officially received the world's first total penis and scrotum transplant after losing both his legs and genitals while serving.

"Where did..uh..'it'...come from?"

This is where it gets fascinating: nine plastic surgeons and two urological surgeons from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore were involved in the 14-hour surgery on March 26th where they transplanted an entire penis, scrotum, and part of an abdominal wall from a deceased donor. Now what's even more interesting is that the donor's testicles were removed for ethical reasons to avoid the risk of having the deceased's babies.

The man has declined to be identified, but he is expected to regain all sexual and urinary functions within months.

The medical team is also the same group that performed the country's first bilateral arm transplant to another wounded warrior.

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