Bullying has been a topic of conversation lately due to the tragic death of Central Regional High School freshman Adriana Kuch.

After being brutally beaten by four other girls, Adriana took her own life.

This horrific event made national news. It brought attention to the fact that bullying in schools is still a big problem.

Just weeks after the violence at Central Regional, a video surfaced of a boy brutally beating an autistic student on the bus.

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The footage was obtained by Jersey Coast Emergency News. The outlet was the first to report this incident.

The student who’s name we are withholding was the victim of a brutal assault, months of torment and bullying including fake Instagram accounts.

WARNING: This video is disturbing.

Other students can be heard saying "chill." Another exclaimed "one more" further encouraging the assault.

What makes this even more sickening is reportedly the Central Regional Board of Education was aware of this bullying.

Here is a video posted by Jersey Coast Emergency News of the 18-year-old student's mother addressing the Board of Education.

As children, we all experienced bullying in one form or another.

I graduated from Toms River High School East in 2001. At that time, students having cell phones was just becoming a thing.

Sure, bullying was a thing before the dawn of smartphones and social media.

But then, bullying at school didn't follow you everywhere you went. It happened at school or on the bus. That was it.

Now, students not only have to deal with the bullying itself but it's made worse by posts on social media and videos that are able to be shared with whomever with just a tap.

We don't need experts to tell us that the bullying problem is getting out of control. We see it, and we hear about it.

I feel like screaming "enough is enough!" We are losing lives because of bullying.

I know a lot of teachers. They all say the same thing. "We can only do so much if the parents allow their children to act out."

That is absolutely true. Most teachers do all they can to diffuse situations and promote anti-bullying practices.

Parents are part of the problem. Bottom line. Behavior starts at home.

If children are allowed to act out and bully with zero consequences, there will never be hope for positive change.

Parents and schools need to meet in the middle and really, really dive into this problem and fast.

We just can't lose another precious life due to bullying. Enough is enough.

Professionals way in here on how to protect against all forms of bullying, including cyberbullying.

Plead with your children to tell school faculty if they see bullying happening.

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