A graphic and highly disturbing video has been posted online apparently showing a man in Philadelphia being fatally shot during an argument.

And while, sadly, seeing generic footage of Philadelphia Police investigating shooting scenes on the news each night is rather common (so common that you probably don't really even pay attention to it anymore), seeing a murder play out in real-time with the victim down across the porch of a home is remarkably disturbing, to say the least.

As I normally do each morning, I scroll through various social media platforms to see what's been happening in our area.

As I was drinking coffee this morning, I took to Twitter and began speed-scrolling through hundreds of tweets. Nothing much exciting popped up.

Lately, given the ridiculous amount of crime that's been happening in Philadelphia, I've been following more and more Philly-oriented Twitter accounts.

And while scrolling, one tweet from one of those accounts made me stop: "Neighbor records as man is shot in the head during dispute."

Philadelphia PA Police - Photo: TSM Illustration
Philadelphia PA Police - Photo: TSM Illustration

With that tweet was a video from at least one person on the porch of a home. Across the street, a man is seen standing in the doorway of another rowhome. Some type of argument or disagreement breaks out and then a single gunshot is heard.

The person recording the video freaks out and after a few seconds, regains his or her composure (if that was me, I would have needed a lot more than just a few seconds).

Once he/she steadies the camera, they again focus on the rowhome across the street where they zoom in, and a person (believed to be a man) is seen on the porch, not moving, with blood coming out of his head.

From there, lots of people begin yelling and screaming. The person in the doorway retreats back into the rowhome. Eventually, two police officers show up and attempt to figure out what happened and find the shooter.

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Before going any further, I will say that the video appears to be from Philadelphia and the officers appear to be from the Philadelphia Police Department, however, I have not been able to find any information from authorities that they verified the authenticity of the video or the actual location of the shooting.

A few people commented that it was a shooting that took place last week on Scattergood Street. Again, that's not confirmed.

And it's worth pointing out that why the person was shot is not known - it could have been an argument, an attempted forced entry, etc.

While trying to find some solid information on this shooting, I quickly discovered the large number of shootings that have taken place on Scattergood Street in Philadelphia over the years.

I normally write a lot of news stories and they are, obviously, fact-based, however, I'm sharing this story for a number of reasons. First, words cannot describe the carnage happening on a daily basis in Philadelphia, a once-great city.

Secondly, we now live in a time when people shoot videos of murders as they happen and it's freely and easily shared online for countless people of all ages to see.

One certainly does not help the other and vice versa.

Curious kid boy secretly watching forbidden censored content on laptop

Because of the extremely disturbing nature of the video and the fact that it has not been verified, I am not including it in this post.

Should you wish to find it, I'll intentionally let you do a little bit of work so you don't accidentally stumble upon it. If you go on Twitter and look under #Philadelphia, it'll probably appear. If you do find it, you've been warned. It's a very real look at what it's like in the City of Brotherly Love.

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