According to a report by the New Jersey Commission of Investigation says that the vicious, deadly gang MS 13 is looking to hide here in New Jersey. Law enforcement here continues to do a great job in making sure they don't set up shop here to commit crimes, but some may be coming here for safe haven.

Despite claims from the State Attorney General that the state will vigorously pursue and prosecute anyone who commits crimes here despite their immigration status, the word is out about the Murphy administrations desire to make this a sanctuary state. Some have committed heinous crimes in other states, but flee here, hoping for a better chance at refuge from justice. The governor continues to pander for votes from the many immigrant groups that have settled here, but putting the public, many of them those very immigrants themselves in danger is the height of irresponsibility.

Many of us in New Jersey come from recent immigrant groups, including myself. When the mafia, who came here from the very regions my grandparents came from, no one in government was offering them refuge, especially law abiding immigrants like my family. To even give the impression that you as the leader of the state would not cooperate with federal authorities to uphold the law and keep citizens safe is completely unacceptable and shameful.

While the Governor and his family vacation in Tanzania this holiday season, I'm sure he has all the security his vast wealth can afford him, and I wish him a safe trip. I don't know if he's studied up on his Swahili for his vacation, but I'd like to let him know he's a "mpumbavu" and a "mshindwi" and I hope his guides treat him as such! Look it up.

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