The sign says it all.

Tuesday is Election Day in New Jersey.

YOU get to decide who will represent you.

Follow the sign on Tuesday. (Craig Allen photo).

You get to vote for two assembly candidates.


County Freeholder.

Local/town office.

The school board election is on this ballot.

Plus, read up on the state question dealing with veteran's benefits.

The candidates have had their say.

VOTE on Tuesday! (Craig Allen photo).

Now, its time for us, the voting public, to have our say.

In other countries, people yearn for the chance to vote.

Exercise your right to vote.

If you've signed up, your absentee ballot comes in the mail. (Craig Allen photo).

If you have already voted, by absentee ballot, way to go. Thank you.

New Jersey Polls are open from 6am til 8pm on Tuesday.

And, let me suggest to you that you bring your sample ballot to the polls.

Save time, and avoid confusion.

The sample ballot tells you where to vote, what district you vote in...and your candidate choices.

As a former poll worker, I can't tell you how many people I had to send to a different voting district (machine)...let alone how many people I ended up sending to another polling location.

You know you want to wear one of these. (Craig Allen photo).

And, remember...if you DON'T vote on the sign says, you CAN'T complain.