Sources have advised that the Walmart in Egg Harbor Township is reported to be closed.

“Protesters” (and, I use this time very loosely) were threatening on the scene. Egg Harbor Township Police were all over the attempted unrest. The EHT Police did a great job last night and the same competent response has occurred today.

Walmart, EHT has boarded up its windows to protect from potential violent attacks.

There have been multiple social media threats, urging the bad guys to threaten the suburbs in favor of urban cities like Atlantic City.

Previously announced Atlantic City “peaceful protests” did not occur today.

Congratulations to Governor Phil Murphy, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, Atlantic City Council President George Tibbitt, The New Jersey State Police, Atlantic City Police, Atlantic County Task Force, Atlantic County Sheriff’s Officers, Egg Harbor Police Department, the Atlantic City Professional Firefighters and many other surrounding communities who had mutual aid standing by if needed.

Until this threat is completely resolved, everyone please remain on high alert.

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