We all know living in New Jersey is not cheap. But some parts of the state are a lot more expensive than others. A lot more.

A new PropertyShark report has listed the 10 most expensive ZIP codes in New Jersey

Deal, New Jersey, ZIP code, 07723, is top-ranked with a median sale price in 2022 of $2.3 million.

Next on the list is Alpine, ZIP code 07620, with a median sale price of $2.18 million, and Avalon, 08282, ranks 3rd priciest with a median sale price this year of $2 million.

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You've got to be rich

The rest of the top ten include:

  • Short Hills, 07078, median price $1.83 million
  • Stone Harbor, 08247, median price $1.78 million
  • Mantoloking, 08738, median price $1.58 million
  • New Vernon, 07976, median price $1.57 million
  • Rumson, 07760, median price $1.4 million
  • Allenhurst, 07711, median price $1.36 million
  • Beach Haven, 08008, median price $1.35 million

NJ in the top 100

According to the PropertyShark report, Jersey ranked four zip codes among the country’s wealthiest 100, which is a new record for the state.

With median prices up 50% year over year, Deal is #58 on the list, Alpine placed #66, down eight spots over 2021, Avalon ranked #82, up 10 spots from last year, and Short Hills ranked #95.

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The report finds priciest ZIP code in America is Atherton, California, 94027, with a median sale price this year of $7.9 million.

Sagaponack, in Suffolk, New York, 11962 is second on the list with a median sale price of $5.75 million, and Ross, California, 94957 comes in 3rd place with a median Sale price of $5.5 million.

Miami Beach gets the number 4 rating and Beverly Hills is 5th on the list.

How much does the average NJ home cost? Median prices by county

Everything is costing more these days — and housing is certainly no exception in New Jersey.

Data for 2022 from January through August, compiled by New Jersey Realtors, shows that South Jersey has been seeing homes hit the market and sell in less than a month, on average.

Median prices for single-family homes have reached $500,000 and above in nine counties in North and Central Jersey.

All but two counties have seen houses go for more than the list price, on average, this year.

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