A website has released a list of the top ten laziest cities in the Garden State. Eight of the ten towns are right here in South Jersey.

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The folks at zippia.com (it's some employment website or something - I didn't bother to look) used factors like the lowest average number of hours worked, shortest commute time, unemployment rates, and the fewest adults with a college degree to figure out the laziest towns in New Jersey. Their top five are Wildwood, Salem, Camden, Atlantic City, and Penns Grove.

Zippia.com says, "...if you can’t bother to go college, don’t spend any time at work, and have only one person per household bringing home the bacon, your town is probably pretty lazy."

Here are the problems I have with this survey: just because people in a town have a short commute, they're lazy? People are lazy because they don't have a college degree? The high unemployment rate in Atlantic City makes thousands of laid-off casino employees lazy? I don't think so.

So for all of the hard working people here in South Jersey that spend 40 to 60 hours a week at work "being lazy" trying to make ends meet, hats off for being a slacker and be sure to check out their top ten laziest cities list.


Source: Zippia.com

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