Thanks to the internet, one of life's biggest problems now has a solution.

I say that, of course, sarcastically, but when you want ice cream, you want ice cream. And, now that we're in the off-season here in South Jersey, it's a little harder to find your favorite frozen treats compared to when it's hazy, hot, and humid outside.

A new website,, will now show if the ice cream machine at your local McDonald's is working or broken.

Now, I thought this was a bit of a gimmick but the status of some McDonald's here in South Jersey are current as of a half-hour ago. That's pretty impressive.

As of 5:00 Monday evening, the ice cream machines at McDonald's in Northfield and in Egg Harbor Township are reported to be broken, as well as the one in Egg Harbor City. The ice cream machine at McDonald's in Wildwood was broken at last check over the weekend.

And according to this site, every McDonald's location across Ocean, Salem, and Cumberland Counties are ice-cream-a'plenty. Very impressive. And dare I say inspiring.

Camden County -- you're lookin' pretty good except for Cherry Hill. Much the same for Gloucester County, except you can't get ice cream at McDonald's in Glassboro (our apologies to those around Rowan University) or Woodbury Heights.

Man, technology is amazing. To think that we live in an era where we can get live pictures from Mars and know if the ice cream machine at the McDonald's in Ocean City is working at the same time almost brings a tear to my eye.

I haven't been this excited since I found a website that tells you where you can find the legendary McRib...

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