NEWARK — Authorities have released video of a woman charged with stabbing two city police officers on July 4.

At about 1:20 a.m., officers responded to a call about an "emotionally disturbed person who reportedly had been acting violently and irrational," Newark Public Safety Director Anthony F. Ambrose said in a press release.

In body camera videos released by police, the woman is heard telling police she doesn't want to talk to them, saying she's been a victim of police harassment. Some language in the video is censored, but Ambrose said in the release she "repeatedly yelled obscenities and threats towards the officers."

At one point, the woman tries to leave, and an officer grabs her arm — she screams at him and stabs him in the arm with what police have said is a kitchen knife. When a second officer pushes her against the car, she stabs him in the leg.

The knife drops to the ground as the officers restrain her. She yells that officers are choking her before she's seen handcuffed.

A version of two body camera videos edited into a single video by is below:

Bystanders are seen in the video, but their faces are blurred. The release didn't include the woman's name, and her face is blurred in the video as well.

“I commend both officers for exercising calm, respect and professionalism in the handling of this incident,” Ambrose said in the press release. “Their exemplary demeanor is documented via their body worn cameras and clearly reflects the core values of the Newark Police Division, serving as a credit to the entire agency,” he added.

Newark authorities said the woman had been charged with two counts of aggravated assault against a police officer, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose.

She was transported to University Hospital for crisis evaluation, Ambrose said. Both officers were also transported to University Hospital for treatment of their injuries, he said.

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