Happy New Year.

Welcome to 2023.

This was a lot of fun to put together.

However, it did require a lot of introspection.

I have compiled 10 things that I am extremely grateful for in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

My list is both very personal and professional in nature.

This much I do know. For those of us who live here, we are very fortunate to call Atlantic County, New Jersey our home.

We have so many vast and priceless resources here at our fingertips.

We aren’t nearly as burdened as the central and northern parts of the state with high congestion and density issues.

Just take a look at this photo below. It’s magical. It screams natural beauty and amazing natural resources.

MEET AC photo.
MEET AC photo.

On our worst day in Atlantic County, we are far better off than most anywhere else in America.

Also, even though the politics can get rough and tumble when the chips are down, Atlantic County rallies together each and every time.

For instance, when a serious threat of North Jersey casino gaming came “Big Footing” our way Atlantic County came together like never before, and “David beat Goliath” in an epic campaign.

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About 12 years ago Atlantic County had the highest unemployment rate and highest home foreclosure rate in America.

Four casinos closed. Thousands of jobs were lost. Businesses were shuttered.

Yet, we did what we always do. We came together and solved the problems.

It was hard to reduce this to just 10, but, here is my list of 10 Things That I am Extremely Grateful For in Atlantic County:

10 Things I am Extremely Grateful For in Atlantic County

10 Things I am Extremely Grateful For in Atlantic County

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