A 103-year-old woman from Northfield is one of two fatalities that were announced on Friday related to COVID-19 in Atlantic County.

The centenarian and an 86-year-old woman, also of Northfield, were both residents of long-term care facilities and both has pre-existing medical conditions, according to authorities.

Atlantic County also confirmed 24 new COVID-19 cases between 13 men (ages 23 to 67) and 11 women (ages 22 to 69).

As of today, Atlantic County reported 2,205 COVID-19 cases with 158 deaths. Sixty more residents have been cleared as recovered for a countywide total of 894.

Atlantic County will continue its COVID-19 testing next Tuesday and Thursday at the county works complex on Route 9 in Northfield. For a complete list of qualifications and to make an appointment, visit the county's website.

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