A 16-foot-long great white shark is being tracked not too far off of the Cape May County shoreline.

The folks at OCEARCH have tagged a number of sharks all around the world and thanks to technology and the internet, these sharks can be tracked in almost real-time on Google Maps. One such great white shark, named Mary Lee, was being tracked not too far off of the Lower and Middle Township coastline Thursday morning.

Mary Lee is a 16-foot-long female great white shark that tips the scales at 3,456 pounds. Since she was originally tagged off of Cape Cod back in 2012, she has traveled nearly 20,000 miles from New England, out to Bermuda, down to the Jacksonville, Florida, area, and back. The large orange dot on the map off of Stone Harbor was where Mary Lee was at 9:42 Thursday morning.

If you get a chance, check out OCEARCH's website -- it's really awesome -- and you can track all kinds of really big stuff in the ocean.

Update -- 1:00 Thursday... Mary Lee is still hanging off-shore of Stone Harbor.

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