WINSLOW — Two children were found passed out at a South Jersey elementary on Friday morning but it's a mystery as to why.

Superintendent H. Major Poteat said a teacher reported finding two boy unresponsive in a first-grade classroom at the Winslow Elementary School 1 around 11:30 a.m. A school nurse was first to check the boys and found their vitals to be normal.

"I would say 15-20 minutes later the youngsters walked out of the ambulance into the school and had lunch with their classmates as they waited for their parents to arrive," Poteat said. The boys were sent home with their mother.

"The Winslow Township Fire Department and the Camden County Health Department conducted all kinds of tests. Air quality, the boiler room, heating and every single classroom. No one found anything. The health department gave us a clean bill of health. All the students went back to their classrooms and we went on with our normal day," Poteat said.

"At this point we still do not know what happened," Poteat said, adding that he is puzzled.

"We always err on the side of caution just to make sure that before anything happened beyond that we took every necessary precaution to make sure the student and staff were safe," Poteat said.

About 350 students between pre-kindergaren and third grade attend the Inskip Road school.

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