PITTSGROVE — Three puppies were found Wednesday in the woods in Salem County, trapped in a basket — only two survived the freezing conditions.

The South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter and the New Jersey State Police want to know who's responsible for abandoning the puppies, which were only found after a resident heard crying while feeding her colony cats.

"After some looking around, three puppies were found trapped in a basket," the shelter wrote on Facebook. "One had already been deceased and the two others emaciated, dehydrated and cold. We can't imagine how someone could intentionally leave them to die."

The pups were found at Gershal Ave. and Eppinger Ave., the shelter said.

Intersection of Gershal and Eppinger Avenues in Pittsgrove, Salem County (Google Maps)
Intersection of Gershal and Eppinger Avenues in Pittsgrove, Salem County (Google Maps)

The shelter is providing the dogs with medical and emotional care until they are ready to be adopted. As of now, the shelter is not ready to accept adoption interest for the puppies.

"These puppies have clearly never been shown love but they came to the shelter showering staff with kisses and snuggles," the shelter said. "These little ones have shown us already how resilient and special they are."

Anyone with information related to this matter can contact the NJSP Bridgeton Barracks at 856-451-0100.

The shelter is accepting donations here from people who would like to assist with caring for the puppies. The shelter can also use wet and dry puppy food.

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