Normally, we feature comprehensive and fun lists that outline the various wonderful food items that are available in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area. Our lists are usually comprised of submissions from a collaboration of many people.

Today, I’m being self indulgent and sharing the story about my favorite lobster roll … which I believe is the finest in the Atlantic City area.

This entire submission comes from a jury of one, me.

First, I absolutely love lobster. I’ve written about it extensively from Maine to Atlantic City lobsters.

I have sampled many different lobster rolls, from the traditional Maine style … to Connecticut style and every where in between.

Many assume that the lobster roll must have originated in Maine.

Nope, the very first lobster roll was created in 1929 by Perry’s, located in Milford, Connecticut.

I like them all. The ones with lots of mayonnaise, to the other unique interpretations that are imagined by great chefs throughout the Atlantic City area.

There are so many great lobster rolls available at both casino and non casino restaurants in the Atlantic City area.

For example, here is the The Anchorage Tavern in Somers Point lobster roll from earlier this week. It is a Maine style presentation.

Don P. Hurley photo.
Don P. Hurley photo.

Without question to me, The Water Dog Smoke House in Ventnor, New Jersey has the best lobster roll that I have ever had.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

Here’s why, and, the best person to convey this is Water Dog Smoke House owner Steve Marchel.

“A Connecticut Style Lobster Roll, which is poached in warm butter, as opposed to a Maine Roll which is dressed with seasoned mayo. No Mayo, No Fillers. Just knuckle, claw AND tail meat. All served in a top-cut toasted roll served with potato salad and our tarragon aioli on the side,” said Marchel.

Steve Marchel photo.
Steve Marchel photo.

My favorite lobster is from Narcoossee’s restaurant at The Grand Floridian in Disney World, which is also a warm butter poached (Maine lobster). It’s perfect each and every time.

The Water Dog lobster roll is incredibly consistent. I’ve had them more than 20 times. Each one is the same. High quality lobster meat, along with the perfect roll.

It’s a can’t miss experience every time that we’ve had it.

Try them all and let us know what you think.

Bon appétit.

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