Beware - that’s not a Halloween decoration! These local spiders might fool you into thinking they aren’t real with their eight eyes, furry legs and colorful bodies but trust me, they are very real. And possibly even scarier than most decorations you’ll see.

In New Jersey there are five main spider breeds who will raise the hairs on your arms when spotted. For those tiny (or not so tiny) occupants of the cobwebs in the corner we have created a guide on which ones you should be cautious of.

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    The Wolf Spider

    The spider that sends the most chills down my spine is the Wolf Spider, which can often get mistaken for a tarantula because of its fur and size. They’re usually non-aggressive but if provoked, these spiders are known to bite.

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    The Yellow Sac Spider

    Speaking of biting spiders watch out for the Yellow Sac Spider whose bites can be very painful depending on your pain tolerance. While these spiders aren’t as big they’re recognizable with their pale yellow color. They are known to be very aggressive and prefer to come out at night.

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    The Black Widow

    Less aggressive but more venomous is the Black Widow. One bite from this dark colored hourglass marked spider can lead to deadly complications for small children or elderly people. For the most part, the bite will produce symptoms of muscle aches, nausea and difficulty breathing due to paralysis of the diaphragm.

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    The Brown Recluse

    The Brown Recluse might sound harmless but their bites could leave some irritation or illness. Roughly the size of a quarter these spiders are communal…which means when there is one there can be many more that you don’t see (yikes!).

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    These spiders build intricate webs at night and remove them by the morning, a spectacle which is worth watching if you can. However, for those coming home late at night or leaving at early morning hours you have to be cautious not to walk directly into a web built across your front porch (much like the fate I almost suffered the other night). While Orb Weavers are reluctant to bite, their venom can cause swelling, redness, dizziness or nausea depending on the breed.

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