Of course, we all could make changes to live a healthier life, but people often bite off more than they can chew and end up just giving up on the whole thing.

One way to avoid being overwhelmed is to take small, simple steps that you can easily incorporate into your life. This allows you to get used to doing that task daily.

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Once that becomes a habit, you can add another healthy habit. Some ideas, drink a full glass of water when you wake up, take a walk a few days a week, and schedule some time to read.

We have many more suggestions on easy healthy habits that can improve your life.

  • 1

    Drink A Glass of Water When You Wake Up

    After sleeping for 8 hours your body will love a tall glass of water. Your body will feel immediately rehydrated which will be felt throughout the day in the form of cleaner energy and clarity. There are more benefits to drinking water than the space available in this blog. Try it tomorrow morning and watch your day change for the better.

  • 2

    Read An Hour a Day

    I know what you're thinking “I don't have time.” If you really can't make time to read then try incorporating it into your schedule while doing other things.

    I like to listen to podcasts and audiobooks while doing chores or driving because it saves me time and it makes chores or driving go by more quickly.

  • 3

    Get A Better Night's Sleep

    Yes, you have heard it before, but are you really doing it? Sleep is how we recharge so by making sure that you get a good night's sleep you're doing your future self a favor. Set a good bedtime routine and wind down you go to be and stay off the cell phone or tablet. The blue light stimulates your brain and can keep you from falling asleep.

  • 4

    Take A Short Walk

    A walk around the block is better than nothing This is just good for your health, our bodies are like machines but we have to keep using them to make sure everything works right and will keep working. 

  • 5

    Learn A Language

    Okay, maybe this one you cannot do in a day, but you can certainly work toward learning a language every day. There are many language apps now available that can be used for short periods every day. 

    Studies show learning a new language can help your brian stay sharp.

  • 6

    Take Care of Your Skin


    Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Be sure to remove makeup and thoroughly clean and moisturize your face before bed and don't forget to use a moisturizer with sunscreen when you wake up.

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