Dr. Adam Christman with Brick Town Veterinary Hospital reports that there has been no spread of COVID-19 to pet species, which makes us all breathe a sigh of relief.

But here are some things to keep in mind:

-- If your pet is in need of a vet visit, keep aware that your local veterinary clinic/hospital is most likely practicing social distancing, so instead of waiting in the lobby, you may find yourself hanging out in the car with your pet until it's your turn to come inside and have your pet checked out.

-- There are some places that will 'tele-med' use an app or even Skype to check out your pet online for something as routine as a follow-up on your dog's ear or some such thing where you can show them through a photo or video.

-- If your pet just needs a refill on a prescription or something simple that you can request over the phone IF your pet is already being cared for regularly by a vet, there is a good chance that a phone call is, indeed, is all it will take to get what your pet needs.

-- Have a back-up plan, emergency kit, and plan in place just in case you get sick and someone else needs to take care of your pets. That includes a two-week supply of food, a legible copy of your pet's medical records/vaccine records (consider laminating this so it doesn't get so worn out or weather-damaged that you can't read it), cat litter, toys, collars, blankets, etc. Make sure you know of someone who can take your pets in a crisis, and make sure your pet's microchip contact is up to date!

And, finally, take advantage of all this social-distancing and staying at home to spend more time playing with and loving on your pets! They will eat up the attention!!!

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