The Absecon Police Department is promising to crack down on speeding on Route 30 (Absecon Boulevard).

The roadway has been the scene of several serious and/or fatal crashes in the last few months, particularly near the area where Delilah Road merges onto US 30.

Details of some of those accidents can be found here, here, and here.

This is the statement released by Absecon Police:

"After a recent increase in serious / fatal motor vehicle crashes, officers from the Absecon Police Department, along with our law enforcement partners, will be conducting strict speed enforcement on U.S. Route 30 (Absecon Boulevard). On Monday, April 26, expect to see an increase in police activity. We urge motorist to continue to adhere to all motor vehicle laws, particularly being mindful of the posted speed limit(s).

Meanwhile, Atlantic City Police say that they will be assisting Absecon Police in the enforcement efforts. The Atlantic City Police Department offers this message, "Please remember to move over if you see a stationary emergency vehicle with the emergency lights activated. If it is not safe to move over, reduce your speed."

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