PATERSON  – A drunk driver left a trail of destruction on a Paterson street after hitting and damaging approximately 16 cars on Saturday night, police said.

The driver of a pickup truck went eastbound on 16th Avenue between Straight Street and Madison Avenue around 10 p.m. and struck the vehicles parked along the one-way street, Paterson police told NBC 4 New York.

Six pedestrians were also struck but only one went to a hospital. The other five were treated by paramedics.

Smoke and sparks on 16th Avenue

Video appeared to show the pickup smoking and sparking as the driver made his way along the narrow street that passes Eastside High School. The driver doesn't stop even after hitting one parked SUV and spinning it around. It also knocked down an NJ Transit bus stop sign.

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The pickup sustained damage on the front passenger's side.

Paterson Police Director Jerry Speziale told NBC New York that the driver was charged with driving while intoxicated and that additional charges are pending. He did not disclose the identity of the driver.

Speziale on Monday morning did not respond to our request for more information.

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