Today marks the end of a ritual that has happened daily for the last 128 years in South Jersey.

Beginning today, there won't be any daily delivery of the local newspaper, The Press of Atlantic City.

Since 1895, The Press of Atlantic City -- love it or hate it -- has delivered a print newspaper containing local news to subscribers' doors every morning.

Beginning today, that won't happen anymore.

What The Press of Atlantic City plans to do now is to mail a print edition three days a week to those still interested in receiving a physical edition. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, the paper will be mailed to subscribers who want an actual print edition.

Of course, by the time the paper arrives, the news will be at least a couple of days old.

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Local delivery of the Philadelphia Inquirer and any other newspaper delivered through The Press of Atlantic City in South Jersey is also ending today.

Going digital only is the latest trend for struggling local newspapers across the country.

The Press of Atlantic City has been owned by Warren Buffet's BH Media Group, a division of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. since 2013.

The paper is heavily promoting its e-edition, which they say will be a replica of the print edition every day.

Many people responding to an online poll today don't seem to be phased by the end of The Press delivery, saying they didn't subscribe to the paper anyway.

Some others who enjoyed reading the print edition of the paper every morning aren't happy with the change but are begrudgingly chalking it up to changing times in a digital world.

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