PLAINFIELD — On Tuesday, Mayor Adrian Mapp won re-election. On Wednesday, he asked for a raise.

Over the objections of several City Council members and the public, elected officials on Wednesday voted to bump Mapp's pay from $35,000 to $75,000 in January, TAP into Plainfield reported. The City Council also would get paid $25,000 next year, up from the current $10,000, if the salary ordinance is adopted next month.

The pay would be commensurate with mayors of neighboring communities.

Like most mayoral positions in the state, the Plainfield mayor is supposed to be a part-time gig. But officials there say the mayor makes it a full-time responsibility.

Mapp also has another day job in the public sector. He earns more than $115,000 a year as finance director for the City of Orange.

(Plainfield City Council)
(Plainfield City Council)

Mapp wouldn't be the only mayor in recent years to bolster his paycheck. In Rahway, Mayor Samson Steinman asked for a $51,000 raise even though as a councilman he voted to slash his predecessor's salary.

In Rutherford, the mayor tried to raise his pittance pay of $4,000 by 1750 percent but backed down after public backlash.

By contrast, Paterson Mayor Jane Williams-Warren stopped collecting her $97,500 state pension after the former municipal clerk was appointed to take over for convicted Mayor Joey Torres.


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