A new store appears to be filling the long-vacant Toys R Us building on the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing.

It seems likely that Airbase Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart Flooring Supercenters is going to be filling the void between Walmart and Acme in Hamilton Township.

Former Toys R Us store on the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman
Former Toys R Us store on the Black Horse Pike in Mays Landing NJ - Photo: Chris Coleman

We say "likely" because the company has not made an official announcement just yet, however, Lomax Carpet job fair signs have been planted in the ground all around that store and their corporate Facebook page says much the same: "Mays Landing Job Fair - March 16-17, 10am-2pm! Please stop in for an on the spot interview. We are hiring for sales, office and warehouse. We are excited to be expanding our business into the southern New Jersey area!" Their address is also listed as 4476 East Black Horse Pike, which is the former Toys R Us store, so we're pretty confident with making this prediction.

Over the past couple of weeks, lots of work has been done on the inside and outside of the building, including the removal of the big Toys R Us signs.

Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart has several stores across Delaware and eastern Pennsylvania, stretching from the Harrisburg area down to the southern parts of the First State, but this will be their first location in South Jersey.

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The Toys R Us in Mays Landing closed back in 2018 as the chain faced big financial problems. The store has sat vacant since Geoffrey the Giraffe departed Hamilton Township. Right after it closed, we opined about what should go there -- everything from Dave and Busters to a Trader Joe's, but none of those ideas ever came to fruition. And just this past December, we couldn't help but think of all of the toys that were bought there around Christmastime.

Being that Lomax Carpet & Tile Mart hasn't made an official announcement about their Mays Landing location, there is, obviously, no grand opening date set yet.

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