What you’re about to read is a very negative narrative, a sobering assessment of where we presently find ourselves today in America.

Yet, it comes from an eternal optimist, who despite the tough love that is about to unfold here truly believes that America can rebound and get our “Mojo” back.

These have been very trying times. I’m sure that you’ve noticed.

America is currently broken.

Nothing in America is easy anymore.

For example, when you need customer service of any kind, the wait time has never been longer or more aggravating.

And, despite the record wait times; often, you end your telephone call and your issue remains unresolved costing you many minutes, even hours of time that you’ll never get back.

And, your problem doesn’t simply go away. You leave your encounter knowing that you will have to devote still more time to try and resolve the same issue in a later attempt.

Many items that you want to purchase aren’t available because our supply chain remains broken.

It’s easy to blame COVID-19 for everything. But, we’re almost at the two-year point of the pandemic. The myriad of supply chain issues should have been resolved long ago.

I recently mailed an important item 3 weeks before it needed to arrive at its destination. It never made it. I hardly ever snail mail anything. Whenever possible, I do things digitally.

Yes, digital efforts can also glitch, but, it’s usually safe, timely, and effective.

Many food items that you’ve purchased all of your lifetime, often are not available these days. Chicken is scarce and when you can find chicken, half of the time it’s chewy and inconsistent. That was never the case before.

Please tell me that you’ve noticed the rise of chewy chicken in America. I dislike chewy chicken.

There are so many challenges at every turn. Here are just some.

  • The national media is even more biased and broken than ever before.
  • The lack of respect for Police Officers … I never thought we’d ever see this occur. It’s inexplicable when you consider that this level of utter disrespect is occurring at a time of record crime in America.
  • Prosecutors in many major American cities are letting violent criminals go free.
  • The visceral tone on both sides of the political aisle. iNot even a life and death pandemic could bring our elected officials to come together.
  • America’s teachers unions failed the test, at the expense of the children.
  • Highest inflation in 40 years, This is not transitory as the Federal Reserve Board initially stated. It is projected to last through at least all of 2022. This will cost America’s lowest wage earners an additional $ 5,000 (minimum) per-year.
  • One year ago, America was energy independent and a net oil exporter. Now, gasoline prices have doubled and oil and natural gas have also increased by multiple double digits.
  • Illegal immigration at the Southern Border and elsewhere is broken like never before.
  • A record Number of Americans have simply quit their jobs. Countless millions. This phenomenon has even earned a name … “The Great Resignation” or “The Big Quit.”
  • Almost each and every encounter involving customer service is a challenge.
  • Motor Vehicle bureaucracy … a nightmare for many, although with New Jersey “Skip The Trip,” I have escaped this painful experience during the pandemic. Many have not been so fortunate.
  • Airlines … Need I say more here?
  • Buying a car … Could you ever have imagined that buying a car would become a challenge in America … the nation where the automobile assembly line was created by Henry Ford.

Despite all of the modern advantages in America today, it appears that the country actually fared better during the pandemic of 1918.

That is both shocking and unacceptable.

The upcoming November 8, 2022 mid-term election is taking on greater significance with each passing day.

America is broken into many pieces. We have a lot of work to do in order to put it all back together.

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