An animation recently posted to YouTube may offer a glimpse into what those aboard a Spirit Airlines flight at Atlantic City International Airport experienced when their plane caught fire following a bird strike last weekend.

YouTube user Captain Airplane, whose channel offers dozens of recreations of aviation accidents and incidents, posted this video on Monday.

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WPVI-TV reports at around 6:00 last Saturday evening, Spirit Airlines flight 3044 from ACY to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, "encountered what is believed to be a large bird while accelerating for takeoff in Atlantic City, which entered one of the plane's engines. The captain braked safely and brought the plane to a stop, received an indication of damage to the engine, and ordered an evacuation in accordance with our standard procedures," according to the airline.

The caption to the video claims the animation is based on real data, however, unable to verify those claims, we offer it here as an example of what might have happened.

The plane was evacuated and no significant injuries were reported.

You can hear the actual traffic between the pilots and the control tower here:

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