It’s not just the Stanley S. Holmes Village Apartments that are in really bad shape in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

We have also been taking a close look at issues that are currently plaguing the CHARLES P. JEFFRIES TOWER, which is the home of elderly and disabled residents in Atlantic City.

Residents have been following our voluminous coverage about Stanley Holmes Village and are desperate to receive similar attention and help.

The Jeffries Tower residents are confronted with mold, mice, cockroaches and other persistent issues.

One resident (in particular) has gotten our attention, as she is exasperated with his/her current living conditions.

We are protecting the identity of this resident because the Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small era is one that has featured vicious political retaliation.

Here is how the City of Atlantic City describes Jeffries Tower:

Located in the Inlet section of the City, this Hi rise is adjoined to Inlet Towers by enclosed, walk-through tunnel. Both buildings share a spacious outside park, however each has its own private parking. This 17-floor building has a scenic view of the inlet and downtown sections of the City. Sixteen floors of living space consisting of 50 - 0 Bdrm and 250 - 1 Bdrm Apartments 30 of which feature accommodations for the disabled. Three common use elevators equipped for the disabled. Convenient public transportation.

  • On Site Security w/intra guard system
  • Community Room w/commercial kitchen
  • Individual mailboxes and on site mailing
  • Laundry Room w/coin operated washers and dryers
  • 2nd Floor accommodates:
  • Community Room/Library w/full kitchen
  • Active tenant organization

Here are the exact words shared by an actual Jeffries Tower resident, who describes living there much differently:

I need your help Mr Hurley I live at Jeffrey Towers we're infested with some bug I have called the health department Mr Reeves numerous times the exterminator was here and found something and Mr Ed Cooper the manager told him to keep his mouth shut the exterminator told me that himself I have been treated by the dermatologist since May of 2023 | threw away all my furniture cuz it was infested now I bought brand new furniture and it's infested again I was just at the hospital the other day because I had bugs under my skin I can't get diagnosed nobody seems to know what it is I say it's a parasite from the mice I was at the hospital the doctor said it was a scabie and I googled it and scabies say it could be a parasite from a mice if you go down to the mailboxes they're all in the corner these little black circle things I need help Matt Doherty is the best I need his help I need your help.

We must get these fine residents the help that they need and deserve.

I am copying United States Congressman Jeff Van Drew, his Chief of Staff Allison Murphy and Marcia Fudge, who is the United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The Van Drew team has been outstanding in their efforts to bring attention and try to get help for these underserved residents.

The Atlantic City Marty Small administration and federal government have really let these residents down.

No one should have to live in substandard conditions like is currently happening in Atlantic City.

The time for action is now.

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SOURCES: Residents of Charles P. Jeffries Tower.

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