I have been giving a lot of thought about the alarming rise of fentanyl and other synthetic opioids in our society today. It is accessible and seems to be everywhere.

When we say Atlantic City area, we mean all over the South Jersey region. This epidemic does not discriminate between urban and suburban areas.

Remember when you could go out on Halloween for “Trick or Treat” without fear of any danger?

In years gone by, occasionally you would hear about some sick person putting a razor blade or pin inside a candy apple. But, that was such an outlier occurrence.

Now, one of most concentrated and deadly drugs in the history of the world, fentanyl is plaguing America.

The evil distributors of fentanyl have now resorted to making it look like Sweet Tarts or Skittles candies.

As Halloween approaches, we all must be more vigilant than ever before.

Today’s dangerous environment makes it a necessity to keep your children closer to you than ever.

It’s no longer safe to knock on just any door and accept whatever that resident is handing out on Halloween.

Our present circumstances appear to dictate that “Trick or Treat” should be confined to your close family, friends, and neighborhood.

It’s just too dangerous to venture out and expand where you go out for “Trick or Treat.” It’s tempting, because your children want to get as much candy on Halloween as they can possibly collect.

It used to be safe to knock on any and every door and trust whatever they placed in your Halloween bucket, pillowcase … whatever you collect your candy in.

I’m not trying to ruin Halloween and what should be a joyous “Trick or Treat” experience.

However, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describe “Fentanyl and other synthetic opioids as the most common drugs involved in overdose deaths.”

These drugs are 50 to 100 times more powerful than anything previously known. These synthetic opioids are so potent that just touching them or inhaling anything airborne can make you sick or even be fatal.

Parents should thoroughly inspect their children’s Halloween “Trick or Treat” candy before the contents are consumed.

Now, that we have shared this educational moment together, let’s make it a great Halloween, “Trick or Treat” season.

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