Residents from Hamilton Township, Mays Landing New Jersey, (a nearby Mainland Community to Atlantic City) reached out to me regarding the possible implementation of a marijuana growing farm.

Our sources learned this past Friday, August 18, 2023 … what they consider to be potential disturbing news … regarding the purchase of 28 acres in Hamilton Township, Mays Landing, New Jersey.

The property is on the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Babcock Road and Mays Landing Avenue. Right next door on the other side of the corner is the development of Chancellor Place, Mays Landing Village.

Also, on that same street is the Hess School, Atlantic County Special Services School, the Atlantic County Justice Facility and the Recover Centers of America at Lighthouse.

This location for a potential marijuana growing field would appear to be ill-suited.

Residents have been advised that the Hamilton Township Committee has until September 1, 2023 to make a decision to approve the measure.

If they approve it, it will next be sent to the Hamilton Township Planning Board for their review.

However, if the Hamilton Township governing body approves the marijuana growing farm … there is little chance that the Planning Board would reject it.

Our sources say that many residents in Chancellor are very disturbed about this.

Residents appear to not care about a growing farm being implemented in Mays Landing … their opposition appears to be the proposed location.

A significant number of residents are planning to attend tomorrow’s Hamilton Township Committee meeting, because the September 1, 2023 apparent deadline is less than two weeks away.


NOTE: I have been studying the issue of legalized recreational marijuana for years. I’m opposed to it. Everywhere that it has been approved has had similar results:

The revenues generated are always less than projected, along with a drop in overall productivity and an increased dropout rate in schools … to name just a few of the societal ills.

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